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Graphic Designer & Painter

Lindsey Vaughn

Cheers mockup bottles.png
Cheers mockup bottles.png
Cheers mockup bottles.png

Vines and Wines

"A drink for the dreamers"

Starfield Vines and Wines is a brand project in which I was assigned to create a name, logo, labels, and mock-ups for my brand. 

Starfield is a winery for the dreamers, the imaginative souls that shoot for the stars and rest in the clouds. We want to cultivate the creatives with wines that inspire mind and energize the soul. Our white wines are for the ones who want more out of life.

Starfield updated.png
Sun rays.png
Moon Beam.png
Saturn's rings.png

Established in 2015, Starfield Vines and Wines vineyards are located right in the wine country of Bordeaux, France. We will never settle for the normal and the mediocre, and neither should you. 

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