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Great Things in Progress

Hello hello! It's been a while since my first blog entry so I figured now's a good time to update!

I've just finished my second week back at school and man am I stressed! Thankfully, my core classes for my major and minor have been good so far, it's the A&P class I have to retake that's getting me. One of my science credits didn't transfer over from Mississippi College so now I'm back to spending the majority of my time reading a textbook and listening to lectures on a subject that has nothing to do with my future career. Woohoo! I've always been given more hours at work, which is a blessing because that's my schooling money, but also a curse because of how draining it is and how I can't study or paint while I'm working.

Now that we're done talking about what's got me down so far this year, let's talk about the upside! I'm excited to tell you about a couple of new opportunities I have received! I was recently asked to be apart of the creative team at the church function I attend, "The Vue", so now I will be helping design merch and social media posts! I'm super excited for the first meeting! I've been praying for a way to use my skills to serve and God is really answering the prayer!

I'd also like to talk about another fun opportunity, my internship with Upkey! For the past two weeks, I have been attending webinars, completing assignments, and making friends with so many cool people in the Upkey winter internship program! I feel like I'm learning a lot and I absolutely love making new connections, business or casual! We are currently approaching our capstone project, where we are being paired with companies outside of Upkey for separate internships and I'm really excited and hopeful to be paired with a company that needs a graphic designer!

I have definitely been lacking with painting lately and keeping my socials updated, so here's my solution! Every Friday night, I've decided to start streaming on Twitch! And if I can't do Fridays, I'll do Saturdays! I had my first stream last night and already gained 3 followers! Two of which I got to talk to and hang out with while I painted. So much fun! Right here on the left, you can see the sad clown ice cream cone I decided I was in the mood to paint! Check me out at:

Well, on top of everything else, I am currently quarantined! I was exposed on Sunday to someone who had it so now I'm spending all my time in my room or outside! While yes, it does suck I can't go to the gym or hang out with my friends, I really don't mind all that much! Trying to balance work, school, my internship, and painting are a big enough burden to bear at the moment!

All in all, things are going well, even though they don't feel like it all the time. I'm so incredibly blessed with the opportunities God has provided and I'm excited to see how the rest of this semester goes!

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