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Graphic Designer & Painter

Lindsey Vaughn

Summer Internship

New York or Nowhere

White Tshirt traced_edited_edited_edited_edited.png
Shirt 2 Mock-up.png
Shirt 1 Mock-up.png
Shirt 5 Mock-up version 2.png
Shirt 3 Mock-up.png
Shirt 4 Mock-up.png
Shirt 6 Mock-up.png

Memorial Day Sale Ads

Memorial day website ad #1.png
Memorial day website ad #3.png
Memorial day instagram story ad #1.png
Memorial day instagram story ad #3.png
Memorial day instagram ad #2.png
Memorial day instagram ad #1.png
Memorial day instagram ad #3.png
Memorial day website ad 2.png

Instagram Posts

Post 1.png
Post 2.png
Post 9.png
Post 8.png
Post 5.png
Post 9.png
Post 4.png
Post 6.png
Post 1.png
Post 5.png
Post 7.png
Post 3.png
Post 4.png
Post 3.png
Post 6.png
Post 8.png
Post 7.png
Post 10.png

Basketball T-Shirts

White Tshirt traced.png
Basketball shirt mock up 5_edited.png
Basketball shirt mock up 4_edited.png
Basketball shirt mock up 3_edited.png
Basketball shirt mock up 1_edited.png
Basketball shirt mock up 2_edited.png

Leggings and biker shorts

Lightning Tights mock up 3.png
Lightning Tights mock up 1.png
Lightning Tights mock up 2.png
summer bike shorts and leggings designs.png
Fire tights.png

Instagram STory Posts

Sustainability post 3.png
Product post 2.png
Sustainability post 1.png
Sustainability post 2.png
Product post 3.png
Product post 1.png
Father's Day post 2.png
father's Day post 1.png
Father's Day post 3.png


White Tshirt traced_edited_edited.png
Yoga shirt 9 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 6 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 3 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 4 mock up.png
Yoga Shirt 1 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 10 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 2 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 5 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 7 mock up.png
Yoga shirt 8 mock up.png


Instagram post 11 story post.png
Instagram post 15 story post.png
Instagram post 9 story post.png
Instagram post 7.png
Instagram post 5.png
Instagram post 6.png
Instagram post 13 stoy post.png
Instagram post 4.png
Instagram post 10 story post.png
Instagram post 2.png
Instagram post 12 story post.png
Instagram post 8.png
Instagram post 3.png
Instagram post 1.png
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