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Graphic Designer & Painter

Lindsey Vaughn

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An app that puts your sense of
style to the ultimate test

Introducing WARdrobe, a revolutionary mobile app designed to bring out the style warrior in you and let your outfit choices shine. With six distinct categories to choose from, including Streetwear, 60s/70s, 80s/90s/00s, Goth/Emo, Classy, and "FreshFight" (a niche category that changes each week), WARdrobe allows you to post pictures of your outfits and compete with fashion enthusiasts from around the world to determine who has the best style through popular vote. Get ready to unleash your creativity, express your unique fashion sense, and connect with a vibrant global fashion community.

The Warpage is where fashion meets fighting (not physically of course). Warriors will post their fits to

the corresponding category out of the 6 available

to compete with other warriors around the world.

Prominently featured on the Warpage are the prior week's winning warriors from each category.  Winners are determined by the number of taps each warrior's fit receives during the competition period and will remain featured on the Warpage until the following week's winners are determined.

Winners will receive an award each time they win in a category that they can view on their profile and that other users can view in the user's profile pop-up.

Not sure if you nailed your fit? That's what Fit Assist is for! Take a pic of your fit and post it to Fit Assist to receive feedback on what you may be missing or to be reassured that your taste is impeccable.

Add outfit style tags to your fits to allow users with your similar tastes to find your post and provide helpful feedback or to use your fit as inspo for their next night out or fun photoshoot.

Click on the poster's username to view their bio and to check the number of awards they've won on the Warpage. While you can't follow each other (implemented to keep users from voting favorites on the Warpage), users can link to other social media in their bio to find them.

"Guard" fits that you love with the shield icon in the bottom right of the frame. "Guarding" posts saves them to your profile so you can reference back to and use as inspiration for your own outfits.

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