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Graphic Designer & Painter

Lindsey Vaughn

NEW LIFE Signature.png

NEWLIFE is composed of a group of creators, innovators, and environmentalists, joined together to inspire encourage creativity and reduce environmental impact. Our passion is to help people of all walks of life turn their plastic wastes into new and useful materials for creation through the power of NEWLIFE. Our identity can be boiled down into three words, INSPIRING, DOWN-TO-EARTH, and HELPFUL.

NEWLIFE is a device that takes plastic (PET) waste and converts it into usable filament for 3D printing. We have crafted NEWLIFE in a way that makes it easy to use, clean, and replace parts from home if you so choose. It’s one step closer to a greener future.

NEWLIFE model 2_edited.png
NEWLIFE Brand Standards-01.png
NEWLIFE Brand Standards Guide2.png
NEWLIFE Brand Standards-12.png
NEWLIFE products and services catalog.png
NEWLIFE products and services catalog2.png
NEWLIFE products and services catalog9.png

Information graphics

NEWLIFE Information Graphic 1.png
Information Graphic 3.png
NEWLIFE Information graphic 2.png


NEWLIFE Ad 3 Mockup.png
NEWLIFE ad 2 mockup_edited.png
NEWLIFE ad 1 mockup.png


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